Dropshipping guide effective from 22.01.22

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New Dropshipping Uploader

In order to better serve our customers we have been working on streamlining the ordering and payment process to save you time and we're please to announce that the new service is ready to go live on the 15th of January 2022.

You will need to read the below Dropshipping Guide and Dropshipping Terms & Conditions to familiarise yourself with the new process but it's very easy to understand and use so we don't anticipate any issues.

If however you do have any questions or require any help you can always use the chat function on the website or drop us an email at sales@ekwholesale.co.uk.

You can continue to use the inventory feed you have already been provided with as there are no chages to that.

Important Documents
Dropshipping Guide
Dropshipping Terms & Conditions
Dropshipping Template File

Turn on the captions in YouTube for a text guide to the below instructional video.

Please send any feedback you have about this service to sales@ekwholesale.co.uk.

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