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2018 started with some of the roughest and strangest weather we've seen over here in the UK for a while. Scotland particularly was bombarded with snowstorms, rain and patches of sun. Occasionally within the space of only a few hours.

With how unpredictable things can be, it's important for both you and your customers to be prepared. You want clothing that will not only keep you warm, but also keep you dry through anything thrown at it.

We stock a large variety of different waterproof and showerproof items to cover a vast degree of possible rough days. It's important to understand the difference between them for both your sake and your customers.

Showerproof (or water-resistant) garments are built to help with the build-up of water getting inside the piece of clothing in questions. Either via a thin coating or it's personal design, it can help when there is a light drizzle of rain. When the water is heavier, however, the garment itself will not be able to protect the wearer.

Waterproof garments are created using a variety of different methods. Some have a heavy coating, some use taped seams and some are just very cleverly designed. Contrary to popular belief,"waterproof" items will not save you 100% of the time. They are made with the thought that the ratio of water will not go above a certain amount of millimetres. That being said, the sheer volume of water involved to do this on most waterproof garments would be very rare.

A good waterproof jacket is also windproof and breathable.

In our effort to provide customers with the best, we've heavily invested in two major directions.

The first major name involved in this is Trespass.

One of the largest growing outdoor apparel companies in the world. Having tried and tested their ranges personally, we trust them to know their products, their limitations and provide us with all the information we need to really help our customers achieve their goals.

Outdoorwear is one of the most popular lines any clothing store should stock. It's not just clothing for going hiking or hillwalking. It's clothing that's fashionable, diverse and above all else, practical.

Our second heavy investment, the one of which we're the proudest, is our "Game Technical Apparel" range.

Since 2012 we have strived to meet our customers demands of fashionable, affordable waterproof, breathable and windproof clothing.  We have worked very hard with manufacturers here in Britain to make sure all garments in our wax jacket and hunting ranges meet our very high customer standards.

Specialist garments like our Tweed selection in this range have had a particular attention to detail in regards to material, build and size range.

Both of these brand names come at very affordable pricing to meet the demands of both a small shop or a high end online store.

Waterproof or showerproof clothing from either of these ranges is guaranteed to last. However, please be mindfull when choosing that you understand their limitations, as mentioned above. Each line covers a different spectrum. All the information regarding this is available on the individual product pages.

What did you think of our product range? Let us know!


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