The Drive for Onesies and Kigurumi's

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Affordable, comfortable and durable onesies have been one of our most powerful lines for a very long time. Because of our customer requirements, we've created a very diverse range of colours to choose from. As simple as plain black or as interesting as woodland camouflage, we are prepared for whatever is required.

With our customers expanding into onesies, over the last couple of years we've been working hard to bring even more diverse and interesting garments for the general public.

In 2016 we introduced animal onesies, which offered our customers a diverse selection. From a majestic unicorn to the cheerful penguin. With these new lines, we found ourselves as the number 1 wholesaler for a novelty onesie range within Europe. This surprised us not only because of the incredible interest in these fantastic garments but also because it meant we could look into bigger and more unique garments.

So, in 2017 we decided to stock "Kigurumi's". These originally Japanese based garments had become a staple for onesies in the east. Stocking them in a number of different styles, we decided to test the waters with them here. We were very impressed by how well they sold.

The material on a Kigurumi is unlike anything any of our other garments had used before. Its soft polyester fleece not only kept you warm, it was also incredibly breathable as well allowing you plenty of space to move around. Machine washable, they are made for durability and to last for a very long time.

With the plain onesies, novelty onesies, and Kigurumi's we have gone above and beyond to create a fantastic relationship with customers across the continent. Your business is our business. As such we take the utmost care and attention to our products to assure you are getting exactly what you need.

Every year we add on to what lines we currently have, and this year is no different. As experts in the field, you can trust us to find you the right items to surprise your customers.

Keep an eye on our website and newsletters to see what new inventory is available. You can also message us directly if there's something you'd personally like to see.

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